Online Assessment Solutions for Colleges
As per sentiment accepted from different training organizations and universities, it has been watched that, conventional appraisal routines are drawn out and are not financially savvy. Acknowledging this concern, IT Gurukul offers combined Online Assessment Solutions for schools to make the whole evaluation transform simple and enhanced.
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Employability Test

IT Gurukul offers Online Employability Test administrations for universities through which, schools can test and assess the obliged abilities set of scholars and can prompt them best profession decision that fits to their aptitudes. Universities can lead different Online Skill Tests for people, for example, Fundamental Skill Test, Technology Skills Test, Soft Skills Test and so on. Universities can Reduce the Cost brought about for aptitude appraisals throughout grounds positions and can expand the facilities position results.

Technology Skill Tests

IT Gurukul offers Online Technology Skill Test Services for schools through which, school can direct evaluations to assess scholar's obliged Technical Skills. Schools can lead online evaluations on different engineering subjects identified with course educational module. Universities can chop down the expense brought about for engineering ability evaluations throughout yard positions and can expand the grounds situation results.
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Career Development Assessments

IT Gurukul comprehends the part of Soft Skills and Interpersonal Skills needed for getting the craved work. We at IT Gurukul furnishes Online Career Development Assessment Services for Colleges through which schools can lead evaluations for different vocation advancement abilities, for example, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Email Etiquettes, Interview Skills, Presentation Skills and so forth. Universities can lead these evaluations throughout Campus Drive and Placement Drives as a piece of assessment methodology.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-End Online Assessments Solutions for Colleges
  • Ability to Conduct Test for Larger Audience
  • View Results Online and in Real Time
  • Lesser Infrastructure Cost
  • Comprehensive Skill Analysis Report of Candidate
  • Completely Web Based Monitoring & Tracking
  • Option for Creating Tests for Multiple Skills and Competencies

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